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Cellar’s Wine and Spirits Tasting

We would like to say thanks to all of our supporters over the last week. We are very fortunate to have an oustanding article written about us in the Sun Sentinel here in South Florida.

Here are some photos of our event at Cellars Wine and Spirits.

If you or your company would like to have a wine tasting at your event. Give me (Ed) a call at 954-224-4639.

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Sun Sentinel – Two Marines walk into a bar…

Thanks to Ben Crandell for this outstanding article in the Sun Sentinel. Check it out!

Sun Sentinel Article – Marines and Wine

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Newsletter, 2011

Friends, Family, Investors,

I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate your support for our business. We received our first shipment of wines mid November and have been fully ramped up in sales, promotions, and marketing operations since. Using our Marine Corps persistence, we placed our wines in 15 different restaurants and retail stores and have exceeded our projected sales for the first two months in business. We have also held many tastings and events as we know we have to get out there and pour our wines to create buzz. With your continued support we look forward to maintaining that momentum this year as we continue to learn the business a grow our company.

This week, myself and Danny were interviewed by the Sun Sentinel and will be on the front page of the food and wine section on 20 January. For those of you outside the area, we will post the article on our website www.medio.us. Also we had a tasting at Vibe nightclub in Ft Lauderdale last night and they were taping an ABC reality TV show… There is a potential that my ugly face and the Medio y Medio banner will be on national TV soon. More to follow on this.

We have such a unique product and we offer an experience no other company can. Wine drinkers are always looking for something new to challenge their pallet, and Medio y Medio and Tanterra Tannats are making a huge impact doing exactly this! Another one of our advantages is we are a small company with only two owners so that makes us more flexible than the larger distributors. We can make more quality and longer lasting relationships with our customers!

As you know, the company is just myself, Edward Donahoo and Danny James, both former (or reserve) Marine Officers. Danny has volunteered to activate and serve the next year in the Marines overseas in Europe and Africa. His flight left yesterday (Wednesday) headed to Germany for the next year. Best of luck to Danny and Justine in their overseas deployment. Semper Fi brother!

While he is gone I will be the sole employee for the company! So I’ll be handling all the orders, invoices, and correspondence for our wines Tanterra and Medio y Medio. As may or may not know, we work closely with our distributor John Stone from Stone Family Imports so you can always contact John if you are looking for me. We are exploring the possibility to hire part time sales reps to help out in sales and other tasks for the company.

We are committed to making our company a successful one. We are setting ourselves up for long term growth, using the South Florida market as an opportunity to learn and “work out the kinks” of our daily business operations before we take on other regions of the country. We cannot do it without your support.

Here are a few ways that you can support and contribute:

-Referrals – Any personal contact to wine stores and restaurants in the South Florida area and speaking to those individuals about our company Semper Fi Imports and our wines Medio y Medio and Tanterra Tannats

-Please invite your friends to join our facebook group Medio y Medio by Roldos (US). You can forward an invite to your friends very easily

-You can attend our events and invite your friends to come to our events. Our events are located on the front page of our website www.medio.us.

-If you are outside the area and enjoy wine, you can place an order for our wines. We can ship to (almost) any state in the country. We ship by 6 or 12 bottles which makes the shipping costs much lower. If you are looking for gifts or just to enjoy wine with dinner and friends, you will love our wines! Either order via the website, http://medio.us/purchase-online/ or shoot me an email at ed@medio.us

Cheers to a wonderful 2011. Hope we can continue a great relationship with you over the next year! Thanks for supporting us thus far and best wishes and all the luck with your business, goals, and relationships this year!

Semper Fi,
Edward Donahoo

Medio y Medio

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