Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and Great 2015... filled with health, happiness, friends, family, fun and MEDIO Y MEDIO... Cheers!!!

7th St Wine Co. “Launch Party”

Just want to post some photos and say a quick note on how much we appreciated the support Friday night. It was the largest and most successful event 7th St. has ever had, both in terms of people attending and wine being sold. We know for sure now that we have some great wines on our hands and that gives us confidence as we make sales in the future. If you haven’t tried our wines yet, you are in for a treat! There will be many more opportunities ahead. Thanks everyone and Semper Fi!

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Arrival Newsletter

We want to cordially invite you to our “Medio y Medio Launch Party” this Friday at 7thSt. Wine Company in Fort Lauderdale from 630-830! There will be plenty of free Medio and Tannats with appetizers throughout the night. Come and join us and tell us what you think! Bring friends, family, dates for happy hour. Come early and stay late to join us in celebrating.

Located off of US 1 and 7th St. right near downtown Fort Lauderdale

Now is the perfect time to grab a few bottles for Thanksgiving. The Medio will go well for all those South Floridians who eat turkey and head to the beach in the same weekend. If you have a big crowd over, this bubbly is a fan favorite. Medio will retail at anywhere from $10.99 to $11.99. On the other hand if you are having a more traditional dinner with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry, I recommend one of our TanTerra Tannats. It’s dark and rich berry flavors are perfect for this time of year and will enhance the Thanksgiving family time. Tannat’s will retail from $14.99 to $15.99.

After quite a few delays, much anticipation and tireless planning it is time for Danny and I to start sharing Medio y Medio and our Uruguayan Tannats with our Friends, family, and the Florida Market and beyond.… Which is frankly something we have been waiting and wanting to do since 2008. Over the weekend we offloaded our shipment and organized all the pallets of wine in the warehouse. Today we made our first two sales.

Starting tomorrow you will be able to pick up our wines at either The Wine Warehouse or 7th St. Wine Co. both in Fort Lauderdale. This is a landmark moment… After all, we’re just Marines who stumbled into the wine industry.
For those of you who are outside the South Florida area thank you for asking about our wines… I recommend ordering through our website www.medio.us. If you shoot us an email via the website, we will contact you to set up the order and the shipping. There are some states that do not allow direct shipping but we will do everything we legally can to get you the wine.

Big shout out to our web developers Alex and Zach. I think they did an awesome job.

Over the next few holiday months we have some additional wine tastings lined up. We will be conducting a wine tasting at The Wine Warehouse on December 2. This is our home base and appreciate all that Felipe has done to help us in this venture. Also, we have partnered with the Ft Lauderdale Museum of Art, sponsoring a young professionals event on December 10. There will be an estimated 200-300 young Art lovers and patrons in attendance. Should be fun.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news, events, and deals.

Semper Fi,
Ed and Danny

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Shipment has arrived!

After a year and a half, the shipment has finally arrived. Special thanks to Jon Rank, Jonathan Whitely, Justine Colee and Dee James for helping with the offload. Photos of the bottles coming soon! Make sure and help us celebrate with some bottles of Medio y Medio at our “Launch Party” this Friday. Time and location TBD… We will let you know as soon as we know through the website and facebook early this week.

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